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Powder Coating
Specialists Essex.

Our Powder Coating comes in a wide range of colours, metallics and textured finishes.

Most outdoor products are first primed with a zinc rich primer for extended longevity and then a top coat applied and sometimes depending on the product a polyurethane lacquer is also applied.

Products we coat include:

  • Gates
  • Bike Frames
  • Wheels
  • Chassis
  • Agricultural parts
  • Electrical housings
  • Radiators Leisure equipment etc
  • Vapour Blasting

Everlasting Coating

Prestige prides itself on the attention and care our team put into every project. Our clients trust us to make sure the result they get not only looks great but is one that will last! We will always follow the right procedures on every job to ensure this.

Our preparation process is the key to this, ensuring the metal is ready to coat and knowing the colour will stick.

We source the best quality material too, this goes hand-in-hand with our process and only adds to the quality of the finish. We only trust the best brands in the industry so your finish will never look cheap!

Our Bespoke Powder Coating Services


Put simply, powder coating is a type of dry coating. It is applied as a free-flowing dry powder to metal and other materials.

The key point about the process is that it is applied electrostatically, meaning the paint consists of electrically charged particles to ensure a complete coating.

After it will be cured under heat giving a really hard finish, which is far tougher than conventional paint.

Powder Coating Benefits

Powder coating comes in a massive range of colours and as mentioned, is far tougher wearing than regular paint.

This means it is far less likely to chip or peel than conventional paint would. It also has no VAC (volatile organic compound) content which means there is no high vapour pressure.


Many customers continue to to use us for their powder coating work because they know they can trust the results they get from us.

Talk to the team today about starting your project!

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If you have any questions or if you’d like a quote, please get in contact with us today. We’re always happy to help and advise regarding any of our services.

Fantastic team and thrilled with the job. Very professional and smooth process from start to finish.
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